Barack Obama stars in His Retirement Spoof Video

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President Obama offically doesn’t leave the White House for a couple months but he’s starting to think about what he should do for retirement.

I know there are many of Americans who would love to get another 4 years from President Obama but as tradition holds it, a President can only sit for 2 terms of 4 years each in the oval office. Many presidents have really stayed home, played golf and other retired activities as they realize they are no longer in charge of running the country. President Obama said that he and Michelle will continue living in Washington D.C. for 2 years after he moves out of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

I don’t believe the White House has seen so much entertainment and press in the history of the country. President Obama has definitely given the american people insight into what it’s like to be the president, what actually happens inside the White House and much more. His ability to connect with everyday people has gained him huge popularity. I would really enjoy seeing him giving speeches, writing a book and going on tour.

Checkout what President Obama plans to do after he goes back to being Barack Obama!


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