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Global Language Project (GLP) celebrated its 4th annual My Dream Speaks benefit on Wednesday, May 4, 2016 at the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the Payne Whitney Mansion in New York City.

My Dream Speaks provides an opportunity to celebrate with special partners, supporters and friends who share an interest in improving the lives of socially disadvantaged public school students and empowering them to succeed in a globalized world.

We launched Global Language Project to give inner city children a chance to be global citizens, breaking cycles of poverty and unemployment through foreign language learning,” says Angela Jackson, founder of GLP. “We will celebrate children’s lives that have been changed by our programs and highlight our latest initiatives that support and inspire our children to dream big!

My Dream Speaks celebrates the aspirations of every child, regardless of socio-economic background, and the wider opportunities afforded them for being multilingual.

GLP presented Global Icon Awards to two outstanding honorees that have made substantial contributions to the world of children’s education, language learning, diversity and corporate responsibility through their professional endeavors. Both have been ardent champions for a generation ready to compete in a globalized world: NAXOS of America, Inc., the world’s largest classical music laBEl and producer of GLP’s music cd’s for children; and Ms. Roberta Graves, President of the Black Enterprise Bridge Foundation.

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