Happy National Rum Day – Check Out What Rum We’re Drinking

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Stolen 2It’s almost 5pm on the east coast which means everyone is gearing up for Happy Hour time! August 16th is National Rum Day and we reached out to our friends over at Stolen Rum to give us their thoughts on what you should be doing for National Rum Day!

“Like any “national day” the common connection is enjoying it with friends and loved ones. The new phenomena in these national nominated days is cherishing the experience to have an adventurous appetite.  As we know there are many types of rum and restaurants in New York City, with stylized specials. I’d find a great group of friends and bar hop with the help of uber “laughs” to try at least 3 different bars serving 1 style of their signature cocktail in honor of national rum day; paired with an appetizer or lite dish to complement. Please do pace yourself and drink water. Hells Kitchen is always an easy go to because of convenience and surplus of restaurants, also with the complement of meeting other spirit enthusiast looking to enjoy a great time and sharing ideals. And that is nostalgia in the making.” Stolen Rep.


Happy National Rum Day!

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