CIAA follows ACC, NCAA in pulling championships from North Carolina

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On Friday the CIAA announced it will relocate eight of the 10 North Carolina-based conference championships because of HB2.

The 2017 men’s and women’s basketball tournament will remain in Charlotte, due to contractual agreements.

Statement from CIAA:

“The CIAA’s transition, beginning with the relocation of eight championships, is the first step in demonstrating that the conference does not support laws which prevent communities from effectively protecting student-athletes and fans.”

“For the 2017 Basketball Tournament, the CIAA will focus its resources to enhance the student-athlete experience in-venue with collaborative efforts aligning with the Charlotte community to highlight diversity, inclusion, youth education and leadership. The Board will continue its discussion on hosting future championships in North Carolina and whether the tournament will remain after 2017.”

If the board of directors decide to relocate the basketball tournament, the Queen City will feel the hit in its pockets.

According to the CIAA, in 2015 the tournament produced $55.6 million.


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