Life Fulfillment: 5 Ways a Man Can Get His Life Back on Track

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Fulfillment is a self-reflective view indicating whether or not the man has chosen to see himself as half full or half empty. If a man takes a look in the mirror at his true self, open to see his emotional nakedness, he can then utilize these 5 steps on his journey to fulfillment. Regardless of his goals or visions of your future self, he must know that there is an invisible omnipresent force that supports, believes, or trades all things for his good.

  1. Establish YOUR personal relationship with God.

Man’s connection to a higher power is quintessential to fulfillment because of mans headship position. As he moves forward in his quest for greatness he will find that the greatest part of being a man is that he can’t share the responsibility of fulfillment with no other man or woman for that matter. Having a connection to God gives man independence thus making him more self-reliant. Self-reliance should not be mistaken for the absence of God but rather a sense of determination that will inevitably step in when he is required to redefine his purpose in life.

  1. Redefine his Purpose in Life.

Where there is an obstacle and trial, there is always a different way man must be willing to use roadblocks to his initial steps to accomplish his goals as an opportunity to detour to an alternate route to the same destination.

  1. Be Committed

Be committed when the rubber meets the road is committed: although the path was not smooth although it’s taking more time to arrive, be committed. Do not be afraid to stop and smell the roses, with keen senses, constantly assessing who is for you and who is against you.

  1. Check Your Circle

There will be people, places and things that will shape your journey. Some places and opportunities you will only pass through but others will pour into your glass renewing your strength and spirit.

  1. Never Give Up!!!!!!

Never give up everyday starts a fresh new window of opportunity to 1.) Establish your personal relationship with God. 2.) Define your purpose in life. 3.) Be Committed 4.) Check your Circle 5.) Never Give Up

Written by: Brandon Sims


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