Sharm El Sheikh: A Little Piece of Heaven

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Sharm El Sheikh

When everyone you speak to in Cairo tells you to visit Sharm El Sheikh, you have to wonder, what is it about this place that everyone is so hype about? We were in Egypt for 9 days so we said why not. We found a flight and a luxury resort with photos that looked like paradise.

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Sharm El Sheikh is a city on the other side of Egypt, right near the Red Sea. The Sunrise Arabian Hotel is found right on the beach with a view which takes your breath away. After the 10-minute ride from the airport, we are welcomed with warm towels to clean the dust off our hands. We are greeted with the smell of lavender and a tall glass of water.

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After getting settled in, it was time to see what this place was all about. The buffet style breakfast was the first thing on the list and got us energized to head to the beach. The red sea was unlike any beach I have ever placed my feet on. The corral reef at the beginning of the beach made it impossible to go waist deep. You had two options, either you just put your feet in or you walked to the pier over the coral reef and be completely submerged in water. The ocean was filled with beautiful fish that you could see from swimming around your feet.

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Although there was a language barrier, that didn’t stop the customer service of this resort. The rooms were huge and had a balcony that over looked the resort and the beach. The cleanliness of the resort will have you wanting to walk around the whole compound shoeless. With multiple pools to swim in, 4 different restaurants to eat at and a spa that will make you spend all of your money; Sharm El Sheikh is the best resort I have ever stayed at. I almost didn’t want to fly back to Cairo and wished I could have finished out the trip there. It completely explains why everyone continued to say why we needed to be heading to the east side of Egypt.

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