YEEZY Season 4 Fashion Fallout

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It’s been little over a month since Kanye debuted his YEEZY Season 4 at Roosevelt Island in Manhattan. The show received criticisms because of sweltering temperatures that were endured with no water or shade for 5 hours. Now we are learning more about the aftermath of what many are calling a fashion flop.


Fainting models, tripping on the runway, and broken heels were all apart of the unfortunate chain of events that Mr. West was not pleased with. According to Page Six the fashion forward rapper had his agent fire 30 of his staff after the show. An insider close to the rapper revealed that the rapper had a meltdown following the fashion show and got rid of his phone.

Another insider claimed the rapper didn’t have a meltdown but he did fire some staff and made plans for reorganization. Some people were sent back to the music side of things who were not previously handling fashion matters.


Following the criticisms West took to Twitter in what seemed like a response to the naysayers. He said “Each and every one’s time, insight and feelings are invaluable to us. We want to make people feel great.”

One thing is for sure Kanye has an undeniable passion for fashion. It would come as no surprise if he did extend the axe to anybody who made him and his designs look bad.

With the fashion show fuss behind him the  musician is currently focusing on his music. He is now on tour with his successful Saint Pablo tour.

If you didn’t get a chance to check out the fashion show the YEEZY Season 4 lookbook is available online.

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