Zirkova One + Together Celebrated Ikram Goldman’s NYC debut with Pink Martini

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Ikram Goldman

VIPs and close friends flocked to Omar’s La Ranita in the West Village to celebrate legendary retailer Ikram Goldman‘s NYC debut with Pink Martini on Tuesday night.

Ikram has been closely connected to help keep our favorite first lady Michelle Obama looking ever so stylish.

Derek Anderson, Mickey Boardman, Karen Erickson
Derek Anderson, Mickey Boardman, Karen Erickson

Guests included Erickson Beamon designer Karen Erickson, Creatures of the Wind designers Christopher Peters and Shane Gabier, Paper Magazine’s iconic Kim Hastreiter and Mickey Boardman, singer Zoe Silverman from ASTR, film producer Derek Anderson and America’s Next Top Model guest judge Drew Elliot.

On this cold winter night, fashionistas enjoyed a warm dinner accompanied by the delicious drinks of Zirkova’s ultra premium vodkas from Ukraine that will launch in the US in March of 2017.

The special cocktails for the night included the “Pink Martini” and the “Goldman” which kept the guests cheerful and warm to the wee hours of the night.

Zirkova celebrates self-acceptance, love and unity.  “Zirkova One+Together’s goal is to celebrate each and everyone of us and to acknowledge that we are a vital part of this beautiful tapestry that we call humanity.  And through acceptance and coming together we can change anything for the better. ” Derek Anderson (Partner/CMO)

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