Meet Thomas Morris, The Man behind LVRG by Capitalist

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LVRG by Capitalist
As the Atlanta fashion scene continues to grow, we had the opportunity to chat with serial entrepreneur, lifestyle specialist and curator of culture-based retailer Thomas Morris, the owner of LVRG by Capitalist. LVRG by Capitalist is a Sneaker + Street Couture Boutique based out of Atlanta, GA.
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The concept shop specializes in lifestyle footwear and streetwear from the world’s leading designers. With almost 20 years in the fashion industry, Thomas knows the meaning of hard work and staying current on ever changing fashion trends. Growing up, he paid attention to his older sister who was building her career as a successful supermodel. He had the opportunity to be exposed to fashion all across the country, which eventually inspired him to learn everything he wanted to know about fashion. He enrolled in fashion school and took a job in retail until he decided to launch his own online boutique which turned into the opening of 4 shops in the Houston,TX area.

After visiting Atlanta on a couple different occasions, Morris decided that this would be the perfect place to allow the brand he created to mature and eventually become the LVRG by Capitalist Boutique. By the time he officially moved to Atlanta, he was in construction designing night clubs, homes and restaurants; so it was no question of who would design his new location.

Thomas is a strong believer in the support of family. He had the opportunity to not only learn from his sister but also work hand in hand with his wife Lisa on the concept of the new store. They constantly inspire one another in their fashion endeavors and she offers the feminine opinion and he brings the edgy.
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With supporters coming from New York, D.C. and Chicago, Morris says he could certainly see an LVRG opening up in one of those locations in the coming years. The main focus right now is continuing to grow the brand and Atlanta location. One thing he knows is when you visit the boutique, you will not be able to deny that they offer items many places don’t have and you will leave feeling as if you have just met your new best friend.

LVRG is an experience you can’t afford to miss. Click here to learn more about LVRG by Capitalist and if you’re in Atlanta stop by and tell them QG sent you!

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