Love My Neighborhood Foundation Gives Back in LA

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Love My Neighborhood Foundation

With their mission statement of  “Establishing a viable and respectable means for homeless individuals to receive the necessities of life as they regain their way back into society”, the Love My Neighborhood Foundation continues to give back to the Los Angeles community.

This past Thursday and every Thursday, the charitable foundation sets up on Skid Row in Downtown, Los Angeles to feed the homeless. Love My Neighbor, is not just another foundation giving away food, clothes etc. This foundation was established to allow homeless individuals to keep their pride and dignity as they receive food, clothing, shoes, toiletries and spiritual enlightenment.

We spoke with Love My Neighborhood Foundation Founder, Athena Haley, who told us why she started the Love My Neighborhood Foundation.

If you’re in Los Angeles and want to give back, make sure you follow Love My Neighborhood Foundation on Instagram.

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