Why Tony Romo will be back on the field this season

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Tony Romo come back

Dallas Cowboys QB, Tony Romo, announced his retirement from professional football on Tuesday. Romo announced his retirement and a new role as an analyst for CBS. After a preseason injury in 2016, Romo lost his role with the Cowboys to rookie Dak Prescott.

Earlier this offseason, the word was Dallas would cut or trade Romo to a contender. The Denver Broncos and Houston Texans were among the teams that showed the most interest. Last month it was reported that the team would cut Romo making him a free agent. Although, when the time came to cut him, Owner Jerry Jones had a change of heart.

Jones informed teams he would be pursuing a trade partner for the former All-Pro QB. The Romo news dimmed as it seemed unlikely the Cowboys would be able to move him.

On Tuesday, ESPN‘s Adam Schefter reported Romo would be retiring and going into broadcasting. The move opens up 14 million in cap space for the team and gives Romo the ability to pursue other parts of life. According to multiple reports, the CBS newcomer will replace Phil Simms as CBS’s lead analyst.

Although, in the eyes of the rest of the NFL Romo is just a Free agent.

The 37-year-old is the football equivalent to an Audi with 175,000 miles. There’s no telling when it will break down, hit a pothole and the whole thing can go up in flames. Romo has essentially missed the last two seasons due to injury and there’s no telling if that will continue.

Jim Kelly went to four Super Bowls and lost them all (AMY SANCETTA/AP)

Next, to Dan Marino and Jim Kelly, Romo could be the best QB to ever not win a Super Bowl. Every one of his peers of this generation has won in February. Manning, the other Manning, Brady, and Brees have all won a championship(s). Even Joe Flaco has a ring.

Matt Ryan, acclaimed Super Bowl “oh, you almost had it” champion, got closer than Romo ever has. Could Tony Romo, a member of the Eastern Illinois Hall of Fame, really be satisfied with this ending?

Maybe?… But for the sake of argument, let’s just say he’s itching for a comeback. It seems that Romo doesn’t want to go through the long agonizing season. This will be the first year in a long time where he can spend his fall not getting hit by 300 pound guys playing for a contract. Consequently, Romo has every reason not to come back.


He has a family, a grocery list of injuries, and a check from CBS with a lot of zeros. However, equally important and something every athlete concerns themselves with is their legacy. How will he be perceived 10 years from now, when a team comes calling mid-season.

Romo could be courted by any one of the 32 teams this season. His former team, the Cowboys, could find themselves interested if Prescott gets injured down the stretch. In a similar scenario, last year the Raiders were on the verge of a first-round bye in the playoffs. Then in week 16, Derek Carr broke his fibula. The injury to Carr was devastating and their season snowballed with a round one blowout.

Romo’s potential and experience will have any team blowing up his phone ahead of the playoffs. With Romo at QB, the Raiders would have had a legit shot in the playoffs last year. The Texans could sill try to poach Romo this season potentially making them a perennial playoff favorite. Romo’s elite skill is hard to come by. The Browns have been trying to find it since the 60’s and still, haven’t found it. Rest assured teams will pay top dollar for Romo’s services and he’s going to have to consider it.

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