What to Wear with Your Staple Suit

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Staple Suit

I am often asked what core articles men should have available in their closets. With the assumption that casual options are already in place, I always respond with the need for a navy blue suit. Whether striped or solid, the navy suit is truly a classic garment that stands the test of time. As an added bonus, it wears well in both daytime and evening settings.

The ability to pair this ensemble with so many options, along with its everlasting appeal make it the definitive staple suit. With that being said, I’ve included a diagram to help put together a few possibilities for your on-the-go lifestyle.

*You can easily substitute black leather shoes/watches/belts/bags for the ones mentioned in the diagram.

Staple Suit

Submitted by Omar Kinnebrew, a luxury clothier and style consultant in Atlanta, GA. His company provides high-end custom suits, shirts, coats, and shoes for men and women across the globe.

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