World’s First Wireless Smart Socks

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Smart Socks

Yes, you are reading the title right. With the sock craze continuously growing, it would only be a matter of time before socks and technology collaborated. Smart Socks is what they are called and sold by The interesting thing about this sock is it connects to your iPhone. The socks are sold for the price of $189 for ten pairs with the built in transmitter for connecting to your smartphone. What is the purpose of the smart socks you ask?

  • Which socks belong together, and could help sort them out,
  • How often you have washed your socks,
  • When your socks were produced,
  • When you ordered your socks
  • When your socks were dispatched.
  • Your iPhone can also tell you if your black socks are no longer properly black [by taking a photo and comparing it to a chart] and help you buy new socks.

Now that you know, will you purchase smart socks? We may have to grab a pair and give you the full report.

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