Mayweather to Fight McGregor

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Save the date; August 26 will be the day Conor McGregor never lands a punch on an ancient, Floyd Mayweather.

Coupled with fan interest and interest from the fighters themselves it took a conglomerate to bring this fight to fruition. That being said, why did Mayweather take this fight? He’s 40 years old and has already made roughly $700 million over the course of his career. Along with his age, he hasn’t fought since September of 2015. Additionally, McGregor is 12 years younger than him and an inch taller. Now, usually McGregor’s “advantages” wouldn’t mean much but with this lengthy layoff, we could see some rust from Mayweather.

As much as the boxing world wants to complain about the idea of this fight, I offer a counter perspective. Suppose Mayweather wipes the floor with McGregor. While people like Oscar De la Hoya think of this fight as a disgrace to the ring, McGregor could be made an example of.

As the Irish fighter makes jokes and talks trash, what can he really do against the greatest boxer of the last thirty years? Earlier today, Dana White spoke on ESPN about McGregor’s power in the ring. To that I say, he has to hit him first.

Exhibit A, as to why power isn’t everything, Canelo Alvarez was supposed to have power against him but was too slow. As well as Manny Pacquiao, who’s speed with power was supposed to cut through Mayweather’s defense.

Seeing how Mayweather’s record is an immaculate 49-0 neither worked out as people theorized. Each time Mayweather’s technique outclassed his opponents. When McGregor and Mayweather enter the ring, the UFC fighter won’t be able to grapple, he’ll have any momentum he might get immediately thwarted by clinches from Mayweather.

While McGregors Boxing debut may go the way of CM Punk, at least he and Mayweather will be paid well for their troubles. ESPN’s Darren Rovell projects that the fight will make $77 million in just ticket sales.

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