Detroit Pistons’ Tobias Harris Covers QG Capture

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There is a renaissance underway in the National Basketball Association, a monstrous rumbling of “cool” that permeates through the concrete-clad walls of the Palace of Auburn Hills. Detroit Piston’s, Tobias  Harris, is at the forefront of this movement with his humility, generosity, and sophistication. There are a rare few in the NBA who are humble and unassuming like Tobias Harris. 

Tobias Harris is trying to balance everything. As the season ends, the 6’9″ tall power forward sits down for an exclusive interview with the Quintessential Gentleman inside the Luxury Time Hotel Penthouse to discuss his career, team camaraderie, his involvement with community, and family.

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Tobias Harris Cover


Photographer: Djimi Williams

Fashion Stylist: Mickey Freeman

Assistant Stylist: Glory Stelle

Check out our interview below!

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