Yung Joc, Stevie Baggs and More Attend Dating In Atlanta Screening

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Dating in Atlanta

Last night, Stevie Baggs Jr, Yung Joc, Neil Carr and Anthony Dalton came out to support the new film they star in which was written by fellow castmate and writer Jevon Dewand.

“Atlanta is the Black Hollywood, everyone moves here for the “Magic in the City.” We are thriving in music, fashion, sports, and entertainment but relationships in Atlanta are like dinosaurs, extinct!!! How likely is it to find a man that doesn’t cheat? How hard is it to find a woman that would give a broken man a chance? In this movie, you will find that love and happiness come in many forms.” During the discussion panel after the event, these were some of the questions that were answered. No topic was off limit and the men had the chance to discuss their experience working on the project and chat more about love. They had real conversations about real issues such as love, cheating, domestic violence, interracial relationships, same-sex dating, and religion.Notable Guests included Jazzy Pha, The Good Brother Mic, Jasmine Burke, Chanita Foster, Dawn Halfkenny and more.

Make sure you check out the movie for yourself and be a part of the conversation. Check out the trailer below.


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