QG Model Of The Week: Devin Duggan

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Devin Duggan

This weeks QG Model is Devin Duggan. He is not just a man, he’s a Gentleman. Check out why he is our Quintessential Gentleman Model of the Week!


Devin Duggan


Bethlehem, PA


Medical Sales Rep/Reality TV Personality
Career Goals

Number one goal regardless of career or personal is to take care of my mother. However, in addition to that, I would love to become the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of my current company while also leading the sales team. I would like to participate in a few reality shows as well as commercials or sitcoms. Also, would love to organize my own charity, hosting events and competitions to support a greater cause.
I do enjoy working out and fitness as well as hot yoga on weekly basis. I love movies, wine tastings, amusement parks and arcades. Anything that’s competitive and active I truly enjoy. Absolute favorite is mini golf.
Favorite Vacation Destination(s):

I love the West Coast but dream vacation spot would def be Greece or Spain.
What does a Quintessential Gentleman mean to you:
Quintessential Gentleman to me means an individual who is the ultimate representation of a well-rounded man in all aspects. Education, stature, athletic ability, manners, faith, fashion, family, etc… and holds authority and respect within each one of those classes.

Instagram handle:


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