Suburbicon Murder Mystery Dinner in Atlanta

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Since Suburbicon is a mystery thriller Paramount pictures hosted a private mystery dinner in Atlanta. The event was held at The Gathering Spot which is known for hosting a wide range of interesting events and this one didn’t fall short at all.

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From the moment I walked in the door, I was greeted with the scenario of being in an active mystery that the town is trying to solve. The 3 main actors played their roles extremely well and made you believe they were really the characters they were portraying. Murder Mystery Co. did an amazing job.

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The night got interesting when the actors involved the guests into solving the crime. Several guests were awarded the title of being suspects and received clues to who actually committed the crime. All guests had to work together and question each other to get valuable information to the killer’s identity. The night was extremely fun and interactive. The addition of delicious food and great spirits added to the fun of the evening. If the murder mystery dinner was any foreshadowing of the movie then Suburicon will be a great film to see as it hits theaters.

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Suburbicon hits theaters next Friday!

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