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Here at the Quintessential Gentleman, we want to help millennial men in the etiquette, style, and charm department. Self-help books were not just created for women. We understand that as men evolve into gentlemen there is a need for assistance with careers, style, and relationships. With that being said we’ve put together a list of books that every gentleman should read.

Notoriously Dapper
The first book we have chosen for you guys is Notoriously Dapper: How to be A Modern Gentleman with Manners, Style and Body Confidence. We chose this book because the author gives advice from the perspective of a body positive menswear blogger. This book is a must read because it tackles the issues of body confidence which is still considered taboo in 2017. Men shouldn’t have body confidence issues right? Wrong! The author’s positive blogging has led him to push the fashion industry to be more inclusive of all body types. Kelvin’s advice ranges from self-care to wedding etiquette. You won’t be disappointed with this read.

Biggest Black Book Ever
The next book on our must read list is by Esquire, the popular men’s magazine. The book is entitled The Biggest Black Book Ever: A Man’s Ultimate Guide to Life and Style. The book was published in 2015 but we had to put this on our list because it’s a great coffee table book, but one you actually need to refer to. This book gives a wide range of advice from grooming to fitness. Esquire is not ageist so whether you’re young or old, you will find tips that work for your demographic. The book also comes with over 800 photos that are sure to inspire and ignite your interest in everything that goes into being a gentleman.

How to tie a tie
Our next book was chosen because it’s necessary. The book is entitled How to Tie a Tie: A Gentleman’s Guide to Getting Dressed by Potter Style. All men can tie a tie, right? Nope! As young professional millennial men, it is important to present yourself with a great sense of style. A tie is usually the finishing touch for any suit and that’s where this book comes into play. This book shows men a number of different ways to tie a tie as well as introducing tie fabrics from wool to knit. A color chart is also presented as well to show you what color shoes or accessories to wear with different suit colors. The section about cufflinks will come in handy as they add a nice touch to any suit.

We suggest all three books but read whatever book you feel speaks to you. Please come back and share which book or books helped you and what you learned that helped influence your style.

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