Yoga Is not Just For Ladies

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Walk into any yoga class in the country, and you will likely see more women than men lined up on the mats. A 2016 study conducted by the Yoga Alliance found that 72% of the people who practice yoga in the US are women.

There are many good reasons why our girlfriends, wives, and lady friends are crazy about this trend. Start your new year off right by building yoga into your weekly routine.

Yoga Is Good For Your Mental Health

Are you looking for a way to lose weight safely? Or perhaps you’re feeling anxious or depressed. If so, try going to a yoga class. Yoga is the Sanskrit word for “union” which gives us a glimpse into the depth of this practice. In fact, the physical postures that you might associate with yoga are only about a third of what the practice entails.

In addition to asanas, or poses, the practice includes breathwork and meditation. Together, these three aspects (physical postures, breathing, and meditation) have a powerful effect on the stress response of the body. Studies show that yoga can help soothe the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Yoga Builds Muscle Mass

Though the physical poses in yoga are only one component of the practice, they may be your primary reason for attending a class. The poses can help you build muscle mass in areas like your core, shoulders, and back.

You’ll also reap the benefit of working out muscle groups that might usually get neglected. When was the last time you did an exercise that targeted your neck? Cobra and Tree variation poses will do just that.

A Cost-Effective Workout

How much are you spending on your workouts? The average gym membership costs 58 dollars a month. You can access yoga classes for free online anytime you want to. All you need is a computer and a mat.

Now that you know yoga can relieve anxiety and depression, help you get six-pack abs, and will save you money each month, aren’t you eager to give it a shot? See what the women in your life have been so excited about by trying a class, or even just a posture or two.

Written by Jennifer Dawson

Photo credit: James Beauzile

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