Sammie Releases New Music on His Birthday

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Today is Sammie’s birthday and what’s a better present than to give his fans new music. This morning, our December cover feature released his latest EP titled 31873.0. This 5 song body of music is exactly what we are looking for from R&B in 2018. Sammie chronicles the meaning behind each song on his social media days leading up to the release.

In speaking of the reason behind 31873.0, Sammie said, “3/1/87 is the day God gave me life. I discovered the gift of song at the age of four. So my gift back to the world as of 3 yrs ago was to give my supporters a project on my bday (this is my 3rd effort). It’s a personal thank you to them for making me, ME.”

Listen to the 31873.0 EP and check out the inspiration for each song below.



Get Right

Ride or Die

F*** It

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