Ye vs. The People: What’s the final decision?

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Ye vs The People

A majority of the delegation has decided to offer Kanye a number #3 2018 draft pick behind Stacy Dash and Ben Carson.

That decision was close to being locked in, till Kanye West spoke on his own defense. Many think that his latest episode maybe a lure to sell more albums. It maybe, but one has to think on the fact that Kanye has been in the spotlight for years and knows how to work the crowd. Take, for example, any and all Yeezy clothing. He is a marketing genius and he does have a great ear for music which has become clear after the release of Ye vs. The People.

The delegation might have to rethink the decision of drafting.

Accounting for all the factors leading to Kanye being a number 3 seed in the cultural draft, one must understand Kanye mindset to understand Kanye himself. His blow up with Sway, his marriage to Kim, and his fall out with Jay are all events that have been seen and turned away from, but it wasn’t until his recent episode. This is when the internet started to apply the pressure on Kanye.

With that being mentioned, Ye vs. The People is Kanye elaborating on his feeling. T.I., without his extensive vernacular, is speaking for the people. The people being all who have criticized Kanye after the release of his Instagram post donning the popularized “Make America Great Again” hat. Linking people to the belief that Kanye West himself is a Trump supporter and has succumb to the effects of the sunken place.

Kanye, who although has been controversial throughout the duration of his career, has lost a large following but stirred up a larger uproar. After hearing Kanye rap the lyric, “I know Obama was heaven-sent / But ever since Trump won, it proved that I could be president.”

It became evident that Kanye may have be grounded with what is actually going on in the real world.

His lyrics push for change. While in T.I’s rebuttal, for which he has a hearty one, he addresses a host of problems on the effects of Kanye being Pro-Trump. He also addresses the root of Kanye’s most controversial photo by mentioning “f*** what you choose as your political party. You representin’ dudes who seem crude and cold-hearted,”

Everything that has been said before was addressed as if Kanye was actually speaking to the people. All in all, Kanye basically explains how there can not be change if people are stuck at a stand still on their ways. Most Kanye stans will say that Kanye is on another level, people just need to understand what he’s talking about, and you need a certain type of mindset to understand what he’s talking about. It’s clear that Kanye has a different agenda. He understands what the culture is, how he got to where he is, and how he isn’t turning his back on the culture.

It’s understandable that Kanye is moving towards a definite change after saying “Like a gang truce, the first Blood to shake the Crip’s hand I know everybody emotional is it better if I rap about crack? Huh? ‘Cause it’s cultural?

I’m not sure if I’m looking too deep into it, but you can be the judge in dissecting the lyrics. Because of all his his latest antics, people have come to the conclusion that Kanye has changed completely.

In all reality, the times and rap have changed, Kanye has not.

Kanye recently announced a seven track album, which will be released June 1.

Ye vs. The People is now on Apple Music.

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