Last-Minute Ideas for Your Mom and Wife

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Everyone has a special woman in their lives from mom, to wife, to an aunt, to grandmother, and the list goes on! Whether it’s a gift similar to a soufeel name necklace, makeup or gadgets, this year we are making it easy for you gentlemen, whether on a budget or last-minute running around, to select gifts for that important lady or ladies in your life. While you may think that they’re impossible to shop for, there is a gift out there for everybody. Why don’t you check out some custom bobbleheads? With one of these, you’ll be able to get the lady in your life something funny and memorable with a lot of sentimental value. You don’t always need to get something of sentimental value though, you could always get something practical like a ninja air fryer af100. However, it depends on what your mom wants. The Quintessential Gentleman is gearing up this Mother’s Day with a host of gifts for the working mom on-the-go, the mom who needs a stress-reliever in today’s climate, or the mom who’s retired and wakes up every day with joy in her heart and a cup full of coffee. Don’t worry brothas, we’ve got you covered with items we’ve hand-picked to make your mom and wife’s Mother’s Day a treat to remember. You’ll be your mom’s favorite son, your wife’s one and only love always, and the envy of all your boys.

PLAE – Birds of PLAE

Perfect for the vibrant wife or the mom that’s still got it. She’s looking for the comfort, fun colors, and convenience all in one. PLAE has you covered. Click Here.

Spoonk Stress Mat

For the wife or mother that is always tense and hollering about needing a massage or acupuncture, this will do. This may be just the answer if she’s on the go, or she can use without leaving the comfort of her home, or even couch. Click Here.

Vela Bougie Candles

This is for the woman that is elegant and loves the vibe of a good candle, not to mention the smell, the vibe is fulfilling to stress-relief. These set of candles give off nothing but peace and serenity, or maybe even best on the side of a nice hot bath with a glass of wine. They also appeal to your mood, each smelling amazing and the names give you vibes for each one. Click Here.

Costa Farms Plant

For the mom or wife with a green thumb, this may be perfect as a last-minute thoughtful gift to add to her green room, or outdoors. She’ll love you for it. Click Here.

Fenty Beauty

Rihanna is super trendy and for the wife who is looking for a “pop” in lip color or foundation to match her skin tone, this will do. If she is seeking some new beauty products for a night out on the town with you or her girlfriends, RiRi’s got you. Click Here.

Journelle – Triumph of Europe’s newly released homewear

If you’d like to see your wife in one of these classy intimate nightgowns, this line is one to see. It may end up being more for you than for her, but she’ll enjoy as much. It’s comfy and feels good to the body. They come in new lengths and designs fitting perfect for the wife. Mom might even be able to take advantage of their cozy ankle-length Peony Florale robe. Click Here.

Wine from Cakebread Cellars

This is self-explanatory. What woman doesn’t love a glass of wine to take the edge off, relax, or socialize with? Mom and wife both will love this choice. Click Here.

Thumbs Up Diamond Glasses

These diamond glasses are uniquely designed for the “diamond” in your mother or wife. They are thin and lightweight, but extremely durable. It stands on an angle, so it gives the option to rotate in whichever direction she sees fit. It’s perfect for maybe something a little stronger, whiskey, maybe? Click Here.


This gift option is special and can be personalized to your mother or wife. Whatever the message you believe she needs to read daily, you can choose for that amazing lady in your life. The best part is you have three colors to choose from as well. Positive thinking makes for a better and happier lifestyle. Mom and wifey deserve that! Click Here.

The Family Table Cookbook

For the mother or wife who loves the kitchen and is into trying new recipes and ideas to satisfy your taste buds, this new cookbook by the Smollett family is a brilliant choice. Click Here.

Air Fryer (Philips)

The no-oil alternative that is the healthier option for mom and wife, and the entire family. If she’s been kicking the not-so-good foods to the curb, and become more health conscious, add this to her kitchen. You’ll be the son or husband that came through for the WIN! Click Here.

My Photo

Here’s an option that’s super quick, easy, convenient, and thoughtful for mom or wifey. My Photo is a service where you can upload a picture, choose a frame, and have it mailed. It’s very user-friendly and it comes in a wonderfully put together box, perfectly wrapped for that special lady. Click Here.

Red Velvet NYC

For the mom and wife who loves to bake, or gets a sweet tooth after a meal, these yummy recipes and ideas are just the right choice. Easy and tasty flavors you’ll enjoy! The best part is they deliver the ingredients to your door! Click Here.

Valfre brand

For example, this stud beret is for the cool and chic wife, or maybe even your mom. She can dress it up or even dress it down. She’ll love this fashion statement. Click Here.

Wild Fang brand

This is for the feminist and free mother or wife, who’s about her kind. She’ll love your support. This brand is female-founded and ran by women, so your feminist lady will appreciate this. If you have a little one, there’s a matching one for the baby. Click Here and Here.

Omshivaloka Jewelry

This soul healing jewelry line is ideal for your spiritually connected mother or wife. These three pieces, in particular, are exactly what she’ll appreciate deepening her spirituality. The first one is the Shivaloka Sanskrit Mama Necklace. Amba means “Mama”. The second is their, Shivaloka Radhakrishna Necklace, and lastly is their, Shivaloka Shakti Om Bracelet. The second is the perfect gift for a husband to show how much he adores his wife due to the meaning; and the third, Shakti means “highest power”. Click Here, Here, and Here.


This is the luxury floral delivery service and global floral marketplace. Floom sets themselves aside by making the entire process for gifting flowers more easy and beautiful—not to mention they are here to truly save one’s Mother’s Day with their exceptional same day service – order by 1 PM on Mother’s Day for delivery that day with a handwritten card. If you happen to forget, Floom is to the rescue. Click Here.

Game Day Tote

The game day tote is perfect for the sporty mom or wife, who never misses a game and wants the pleasure of convenience at the same time. This tote allows you to get into the game and take in only the necessities and look fashionably cute while doing it. Click Here.


This gift adds to your mother or wife’s kitchen gadgets, but this time, these products are those she didn’t even know she needed. One is a Pocket Wine Aerator and the other is a Manual Coffee Grinder. They can add convenience to her life, prepping for coffee in the morning or wine at night. Click Here and Here.


Knack is a personalized and customized gift set option for either wifey or mom. They both can take advantage of one of these sets, and again you can make it for them especially. You use exclusive gift builders to do this and shop individual products. It’s easy to use and she’ll get more than one choice to remember. Click Here

Discount Glasses and Contact Lenses

Whether your mom or wife is looking for a new look, fashion-forward, or just needs a new pair of glasses or contact lenses, they’ve got you covered. For this Mother’s Day they’re even offering discounts:

20% off eyeglasses or sunglasses for new customers [use code PR20MMDG]. Repeat customers will be given a code at checkout.

20% off contact lenses for new customers. Repeat customers will be given a code at checkout. *May not be combined with other coupons, sales, or special offers

Click Here or Here.

Number 4 Hair

They have a brand new exclusive Mother’s Day gift set for your mom or wife. It comes with a full-size Super Comb Prep & Protect 8.5oz plus the L’eau de Mare Detangling Brush AND a mini of each as well. It’s the ultimate combination for smooth and tangle free hair. She’ll thank you later. Click Here.


This line of oils will have your mom and wife’s skin feeling rejuvenated and happy. This brand is giving her skin life with nutrients for a healthier face. They are also full of aromatherapy. This beauty and wellness brand has anti-aging, ultra toning, and rejuvenating facial oils. Click Here.

Divina Vince Camuto

Divina is a stunningly grapefruity Pamplemousse tangy tartness goodness, infused with aromatic blackcurrant. It’s perfect for your mother or wife who enjoys perfumes and smelling of a signature fragrance on all occasions. This is their latest women’s fragrance just released last month. It’s fresh out the box and ready to turn heads! Click Here.

Gourmet Gift Baskets

These gift basket ideas for mom or wifey are ideal and may be the answer to what you’re looking for. There are several gifts, all in one. You can find baskets with just about anything, so what’s her favorite? You name it, it’s there. They even have Mother’s Day gifts and gift baskets, specially designed for your significant QUEEN. Click Here.

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