Top Five Exercises for Back Pain

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Whether from sitting in an office all day or an overabundance of bending, twisting and stooping, back pain is a daily cause of discomfort for 31 million Americans according to the American Chiropractic Association. As well as giving these exercises a go, it may also help you to consider using Office Monster if you are serious about getting rid of back pain, or at least learn how to manage it properly. Sometimes it is something as simple as upgrading your office chair or desk that can make all the difference.

Between different disorders, disc degeneration, injury and daily wear and tear, the muscles and joints in your back need maintenance to keep you fit and moving pain-free. Of course if you have a more serious degenerative condition, then you should find a highly recommended physio for degenerative disc disease. There is no effective alternative to professional medical intervention. Still, for day to day aches and pains here are our top five exercises:

Face Pulls

One of the major causes of back pain is the development of upper-crossed syndrome, a condition with symptoms like rounded shoulders, forward head posture and more. Face pulls strengthen your rear deltoid and medial lats to pull your shoulders back into place and allow correct posture, reducing the daily wear on your back muscles.

DB Shrugs

Since several back pain-causing conditions stem from weak trapezius muscles, strengthening them is a key part of rehabilitation. One of the most effective exercises for building strong traps is dumbbell shrugs. With strict form and adequate resistance, this exercise can go a long way not only in correcting your posture and easing back pain but also in filling out your back with slabs of lean muscle.


Another muscular weakness that can lead to ongoing back pain is a core weakness. Your core acts as a stabilizer for your whole body, and any present weaknesses in this muscle group can cause imbalances in the rest of your muscular and skeletal systems. Planks are isometric exercises that basically put your core strength to the test. The longer you can hold a plank, the less you have to worry about your core’s ability to support your back.

Back Bridge

In addition to muscular weakness, muscular tightness can also cause aches and pains in your back. To combat tightness, you must increase flexibility. The back bridge is a tried-and-true workhorse in boosting back flexibility and loosening up the tight muscles that can cause forward head, rounded shoulders, lower-crossed syndrome and more.

Farmer Carry

You may have seen this exercise in the Crossfit Games or various strongman competitions, but you don’t have to carry two cedar logs at your sides to see a benefit. The farmer carry is a utility exercise that hammers out any imbalances in your back and lower joints with high resistance and repetition. Whether you’re using specialized bars or dumbbells, the farmer carry can improve your posture and strengthen stabilizers for long-term relief. If you have hurt yourself from doing any of these exercises, consider doing some physical therapy nj to get you back into shape.

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