Your Guide for Back to School Success and Survival This Year

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Back To School

Since grade school, “Back to School” has been an event in itself.  Still no different. It’s full of packed stores for school supplies and snagging the hottest trends of the year.  Today, whether you’re in your senior year of high school, college, or grad school, back to school is LIT. This time of year is exciting and also full of new challenges. It’s a new chapter. Behind with the old and in with the new. It’s a new chance to do new things; maybe you can ask that girl out that you never talked to last year or maybe you can do better in English than what you have in past years.  It’s time to unlearn old behaviors and face fears head-on.

Here are a few variety gift ideas that’ll make your transition and next chapter easier; so while you’re moving into your dorm this weekend you can keep these items in mind to snag.  The Quintessential Gentleman always has you covered:


This fresh pair of flops isn’t just your average pair.  They are showaflops! Get it, shower flops? You can wear them in those dorm bathrooms to keep your feet bacteria-free. They come with drainage holes for faster drying and antimicrobials to assist in protecting your feet from bacteria on nasty floors and preventing odor.  They also aid in making sure you don’t fall on a slippery dorm bathroom floor by offering slip-resistant soles. You can wear them wherever! They are water ready!  Click Here


Did you think you would have to make frequent trips to the laundromat?  No problem. Start off your school year the right way with Laundreez, which is a self-contained system of its own.  You don’t need a washer or dryer! It’s super convenient when you have a ton of studying to do and can’t afford to leave your room.  You just simply throw your clothes in the bag, add a few drops of detergent, let it sit, shake and drain. It’s easy, you rinse in the same bag, drain, squeeze, and hang to dry!  Don’t ever say we didn’t look out for you!  Click Here


It’s Winter time and the girl you finally approached is coming by your dorm later or you’re in grad school and your lady wants to spend some time because you’ve been busy lately?  We got you! You can snuggle up with this PediPocket! It’s also great for late-night “study sessions,” ANATOMY class, right?  Click Here


If you’re moving into a dorm, SafeGo is the way.  They’ll be so much traffic in and out, especially if you have a roommate.  You never can tell who they’ll invite over, so it’s best to keep all that’s valuable to you safe!  This is a portable and lightweight safe that opens using your own 3-digit combination code or key.  Click Here


This fly new lite backpack is a personal favorite.  Vessel is lightning the load on us this semester, but making sure to give us the sturdiness those textbooks may require.  This backpack features a full top to bottom zipper that allows you to open widely, dual expandable magnetic water bottle pockets, and a microfiber padded laptop sleeve.  The panel on the back offers a zip pocket on each side for quick access to what you need. These ergonomic shoulder straps will uniquely have you carrying in fashion. Click Here

Wiz Khalifa’s x Happy Socks

You know Wiz!  Well, he’s stepping into a new realm with his crazy sock game.  You can step your sock game up too with what Wiz is serving up.  His sock line is a collaborative effort with the colorful Swedish brand Happy Socks.  These crazy prints will have you unique, fly, and ready walking around on campus.  It’s a new collection that just dropped and you can be one of the first to have it.  The collection features six pairs of socks with printed designs inspired by some of his hits you may know,  House in the Hills, No Limit, Pretty Nights, and Black and Yellow.  You may also have your choice of a paisley design as well as a camo and floral motif.  Click Here

JBL Pulse 3 (Post-Modern Lava Lamp)

Do you want the convenience of blasting Drake in your dorm room and get light too?  This Bluetooth wireless portable speaker system from JBL is the answer. It comes with an analog input and light effects that’ll have your room LIT.  Click Here

Danby Mini Fridge

Of course, you have to eat and what better way to store food than your own mini fridge in your room.  Danby has been listed recently as the top and one of the best mini-fridges for your dorm.  It’s compact and 4.4 cubic feet. It’s just right for the food mom will be sending you off to school with!  Click Here

S.T.A.B.L.E. packs

Compartmentality at its best!  This backpack/luggage is all you need during the holidays or off-season coming home to visit and stay.  It fits your shoes and requires easy packing. It efficiently allows you to pack tight and organized, and not to mention it’s stylish AF.  Click Here


You want to make your home away from home feel just like home?  This 32-inch VIZIO D32h-D1 will give you just that. It’s the perfect size and is compatible with all you desire to watch, and your online streaming.  It’ll come in handy for Netflix and chilling!  Click Here

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