“The Grand Hustle” Contestant George Ray Speaks on Success and Entrepreneurship

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George Ray

We caught up with Miami native, George Ray, who is one of 16 competitors, currently on BET’s The Grand Hustle starring rapper/actor TIP “T.I.” Harris. The 12, one-hour episode series, is set in Atlanta and the candidates are determined to prove they have what it takes to out-hustle the rest. Learn more about what George thinks you need in order to be crowned the Grand Hustler.

What makes a successful entrepreneur?

Someone who is dedicated and focused on solving problems and being the best at the delivery of the product or service that they offer to customers. I think a great entrepreneur creates more than wealth, they create waves.

Do you think anyone can be successful if they are taught?

Yes, but some people are born ready based on their personality and natural problem-solving skills.

What successful entrepreneur has had the most influence on you?

It’s safe to say TIP, the rubber band man. He is worth nearly $80 Million and has given me a front-row seat on how to get to the money bag. Observing his moves have has inspired some ideas that I plan on implementing to create wealth.

What’s one of the most important lessons you impart when you’re mentoring someone?

Believe in yourself and use your time wisely. Always surround yourself with people who can add value to your life, like knowledge instead of liability or debt. Stay focused because it is easy to get distracted.

Following that, what’s one lesson you wish you’d learned sooner?

I wish I were more confident in my abilities earlier on. Over time, I’ve learned to trust myself and my business instinct. I struggled my whole life until I started my own business about 4 years ago. That’s when I finally discovered that there is more to life than paying bills. My business has provided me with a chance to travel the world and learn how to create wealth. You can’t wait for anyone to put you on or for a perfect situation to arise. If you start a business venture, it does not have to be the most sophisticated business or have the largest operation to be successful. Your work ethic will determine your trajectory. Starting small and finishing big is how most success stories were created. Consistency, persistence, and discipline are essential.

What’s your favorite business tool or resource?

I read Forbes Business, Black Enterprise, and the WSJ. These publications help me stay current on what business leaders are trending in the market. I like to study the people who are successful and learn how they implemented their plan. I also keep up with new businesses that are trending and current market conditions.

What’s your favorite app, blog, and book?

“The Mis-education of the Negro” is my favorite book; it’s an old book, but it’s still relevant today. It represents the truth about education for Black’s in this country. Without getting too deep, it shocks and increases your consciousness. The book shows how the system is rigged to keep minorities legally oppressed. Sub-par education translates into illiteracy, poor mental and physical health, bad credit, and unstable finances. Awareness through education is key.  Once we become aware of the issues that impact our communities and the way that the system works against us, we can address the issues head-on.  Otherwise, we are left to the mercy of the system, which only aims to ensure that we stay oppressed.

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