The Weeknd + BAPE® Collection Drops in Stores

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A Bathing Ape®, one of the most iconic and original brands to hit the shelves in the past few decades, has partnered with The Weeknd to drop a limited capsule collection presented by Official Issue XO available in BAPE® stores and online today.

The WeekndWith neither of them strangers to collaboration, BAPE® and The Weeknd have created an 8-piece XO collection that features a black and gold color scheme paired with BAPE®’s characteristic bold camouflage print and tosses in a few classic shark hoodies for good measure.

This collab seems to have been a long time coming, as The Weeknd explains: “BAPE® has always been one of my favorite brands growing up. The quality of their product and longevity of their company have made them iconic and it’s something we aspire to be.” BAPE® has been a powerhouse since they were founded in 1993, and collaborations, whether they’re with The Weeknd, ADIDAS or even Jurassic World, have been a key part of jockeying for and maintaining their space in fashion.

This collection will include t-shirts, hoodies, sweat shorts, sweatpants, a work jacket; and, in an extremely limited run, a The Weeknd + BAPE® XO rug. This collection will be available today in BAPE® stores, as well as online on BAPE®.com, and

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