“Cannabivore” Turns Infused Food into a Gourmet Delight

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Cannabivore Tasting

This past weekend, we were invited to experience something that has been growing increasingly popular across the country. As we know, chefs have loved to infuse their meals with spices, herbs, juices and now oils. One oil, in particular, Cannabis oil was the special guest of the evening as “Cannabivore” debuted to invited guests.

Chef AV, a trained chef who worked with Wolfgang Puck over the past few decades has been working diligently in the kitchen creating meals that not only taste great but offer health benefits to those who indulge.  The 3-course dinner, hosted by Cherryl T and special musical guest Smokey Da Bandit included Lobster, Chicken Breast, Broccoli, Macaroni and Cheese Orzo and for dessert, a CanniVelvet Cake topped with Kiwi Fruit, all infused with cannabis extracts and CBD Oil.

Cannabivore‘ is on a mission to film the setup of their exclusive pop-up dinner trials, taking fine dining to a higher place while sharing with their viewers the testimonials of the audience in attendance per each taping.

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