Red Stripe Drops First-Ever EP ‘Journey with Stripe’

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Beer giant Red Stripe celebrates its centennial anniversary by making the whole world shake through music, cause, and evolutionRed Stripe‘s first-ever EP, “Journey with Stripe” is now available worldwide, on all major music platforms.
Produced by the multi-Grammy Award-winning, Pablo StennettJourney with Stripe is a seven-track kaleidoscope of tunes that chronicles the history and development of Jamaican music. From Mento to Dancehall, the album features some of Jamaica’s best and boldest artists who came together to display their passion and vibe through original songs that chronicle genres of Jamaican music throughout the last 50 years. The EP’s frontrunner is breakout Jamaican artist, J-Summa, who is the voice behind the album’s lead single, “Keeping It Up,” which has already received excellent reviews.

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