CBS God Friended Me: “The Prodigal Son”

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God Friended Me

If you haven’t been tuned into CBS latest series, God Friended Me, then you are totally missing out on a good word, pun intended. Being raised in a black church we all know that a good Sunday sermon is always a cure to any life’s journey. Although God Friended Me, shares obvious religious undertones, the messaging behind each episode simply deals with the acts of humanity. Very similar to the tv show, What Would You Do? however this time the host is of a higher power.

On the forthcoming episode “The Prodigal Son” which airs November, 11th, Miles (Brandon Micheal Hall) for the first time this season receives a friend request of someone he knows personally from the God account. Miles is tasked with solving a daunting conflict while divulging a scandal that involves his childhood role model, Uncle T (Malik Yoba). The take away from this episode for me is choosing where to place faith and always knowing that there is a road that leads back home.

Check out the trailer below.

God Friended Me airs on CBS on Sunday’s at 8 pm ET.

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