Jussie Smollett Breaks Billboard Top 20

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Jussie Smollett

Not only has Jussie Smollett been hard at work dominating our televisions every Wednesday night for the past 5 seasons as Jamal Lyons on the hit FOX tv show Empire, but he is also busy heating up the music charts. Yes, Jussie has officially taken the music world by storm with his new single Ha Ha (I Love You) off of his debut album Sum of My Music which was released earlier this year.

Jussie took to social media recently to share the great news with the world.  His current song has officially broken then top 20 spot climbing to number 19. This is certainly an amazing thing to accomplish. He is an independent artist who has a hit show and hit song at the same time. He has certainly created a lane of his own and riding it with confidence. Congrats Jussie and we wish you continued success.

Be sure to check him out on Fox’s hit show Empire and listen to Sum of My Music TODAY and let us know which is your favorite song.

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