5 Tips for Men Who Want a More Holistic Life

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We’ve been preaching that men have to live healthier. But how can you do that? We spoke with Author and Holistic Coach Chanell Angeli who gave us tips on how men can live a more holistic life.


There is a myriad of side-effects that can come from not taking the time out to honor one’s self. Unfortunately, men have long been conditioned to “suck it up” or “grin and bare it”. This emotionally toxic ideology can show itself physically through episodes of anxiety and guilt that over time can lead to disorders such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. It is no secret that premature ejaculation can have a negative impact on your sex life. If you would like to learn more about male enhancement products designed to combat premature ejaculation, go to the VigRX Delay Wipes official website. Now that I have your attention, I hope you can see the importance of self-care. Make an effort to take time out each day to do something that is just for you! Something that pleases no one else but YOU! And then be sure to do it guilt free! Whether it be squeezing in 30 minutes between work emails to watch basketball highlights, revisiting old seasons of Game of Thrones or, my favorite, taking a long warm salt bath listening to Sade. Whatever puts your mind at ease and releases the tension from your body that built up throughout the day… DO IT.

Practice mindfulness

Meditation is clearly a big part of my life as I wrote my first book Melt centered around its healing benefits, but I realize for a lot of people it can be difficult and frustrating to get in to. I urge those of you who relate to that last statement to start small by practicing mindfulness. Practice being aware, more conscious and more alert in your actions and reactions. Another easy meditative practice is to watch your breath. Take 3-5 conscious breaths in the morning before you get out of your bed. Allow yourself a moment to feel full of gratitude for seeing another day.


Form bonds that feed your soul and sever those that don’t. Period!

Living holistically emphasizes that your mental and emotional state be just as aligned as your physical and spiritual. We can’t put importance on eating clean and being active and then immerse ourselves in negativity. If you are surrounded by energy vampires constantly how will you ever reach your peak? Start by nurturing positive relationships and establish healthy boundaries and see how much more energized you will begin to feel in all aspects of your life.

Eat clean

You guys knew it was coming. I tried to lead up to it gently. There’s no trick or cheat code to this. It is what it is. EAT CLEAN! An alkalized body is a happy and more aligned body. With the heartbreaking passing of our King Nipsey Hussle, a light has been shined on some of his work. One is the documentary he was working on to highlight the life of The Great Dr. Sebi. I urge you, if you haven’t already, to visit his website and get familiar with his teachings and diets.

In the meantime, a small way to start eating clean is simply to cook at home using fresh foods and herbs. If possible, shop organic and limit meats and starch. And of course, drink more water!

Be active

This is another “duh” moment but again, there’s no cheat code that can mimic its benefits and results.

Move your body. Make love. Lots of it! Take walks outside with your kids. Play ball with your boys. Being active releases those happy chemicals into your body boosting self-esteem and confidence, making you feel great. At the end of the day, that’s what living a holistic life is about, feeling amazing!

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