QG Founder Talks Supporting Men of Color, Black Women Inspiration and Remakes on The Moement Podcast

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Recently, Founder of The Quintessential Gentleman, Eric K. Thomas, sat down with Maurice Marcel for a conversation on his podcast The Moement Podcast.

The Moement Podcast discusses moments in pop culture, relationships, lifestyle, celebrity, news and entertainment and compelling conversations with guests! During this episode, Eric and Maurice were joined by New York City attorney Marcus Sandifer for a panel discussion on understanding why men of color have a hard time supporting each other and what they can do to grow! In this episode, they also discuss why society thinks mermaids are real, how they felt about Beyonce’ featuring the Lion King, and what it means to be a quintessential man of color in 2019!

Click here to listen to the episode and make sure to subscribe to the Moement Podcast here.

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