Hammer & Nails: the Men’s Only Grooming Salon with You in Mind

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It’s a not so obvious secret that Black men are conditioned to think obstructively about beauty and grooming. History will show that masculinity and pampering are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Some Black men have an obscured view of what self-care looks like and the importance of its involvement in his well being. With influencers like Tristan Walker of the Bevel brand, Scotch Porter’s own Calvin Quallis, and newly franchisee Anthony David of Hammer & Nails Brooklyn; we have an updated depiction of modern day gentlemen revolutionizing the grooming business and changing it’s perception one customer at a time.

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Anthony David, the owner of Hammer & Nails a male grooming salon based in Brooklyn. Hammer & Nails provides men with the essentials needed to feel good about themselves. Services range from haircuts and shaving, massages, manicures, and pedicures. This type of royal treatment is conducted in an atmosphere derived with the male consumer in mind. A place where you can go and enjoy a whiskey on the rocks and your favorite sports game while experiences the services this establishment has to offer. Learn more about David’s vision for Hammer & Nails Brooklyn below. 

How important was it for you to start your own business?

Growing up it was always a goal of mine to start my own business. The thought of being my own boss spoke volumes. The value of creating multiple revenue streams which can stand the test of time and be passed on from generation to generation is what I envision as I embark on this journey. 

Did you have a mentor growing up? If so who and what was the most memorable advice you’ve received from them?

I’ve learned from the best, my dad. My dad supported his family by working full time and purchasing several investment properties, that combination pushed me to want to take it even further and get into business, more so the advice I believe it was the observation of the great examples I had around me growing up

How should Black men think about grooming?

If you were to ask this question to my father or any of his circle of friends, you would hear that grooming is just getting a haircut or anything beyond that makes you soft. I am happy to be part of the movement that is pushing out those old ideas and replacing them with men who get manicures and pedicures; Men who exfoliate their skin and get facials.  Today’s modern Black man is interested and takes great pride in the way he looks not just in clothes, but how his nails look, how his lineup looks, and how his skin looks. We have finally evolved to the point that we can now understand what other races have known for years. Grooming is simply a part of taking care of the entire self. This is exactly what Hammers & Nails represents; a place that men can do enjoy the benefits of men’s grooming in a setting that is also very masculine.  The other added benefit of grooming is health reasons. If you were to ask a room of Black men right now how many have bad toes or fingernails and don’t like to show to people, you would be surprised on how many would raise their hands. This is because even as children we are not taught to take care of these things. Hammers & Nails is out to change this narrative.

What role does personal appearance play as we navigate through today’s world?

Your personal appearance exudes your confidence; it tells your story. In today’s society with such hectic schedules it’s important to find “me” time. Invest in yourself because when you look good you feel good too!

As a business owner, what is the one rule you would suggest that other entrepreneurs to follow?

Follow your dreams. Even when you don’t succeed try again. The world is filled with countless opportunities. During your journey, don’t let the bumps in the road or hiccups hinder your ability, refine your path to success.

What is your vision for Hammer & Nails Brooklyn?

I’m creating an environment where you can come as you are, sit back, relax and be pampered by exceptional staff that work with clients to ensure their grooming needs are fulfilled. You can get a haircut anywhere but at Hammer & Nails we focus on providing the best experience possible.

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