Creative Kadeem Hudson Collaborates with Nike to Create a Limited Edition Air Max

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Inspired by the need for hope in the Corporate Ice Age, Kadeem Hudson found a way to intersect sneaker culture and make everyone a walking source of motivation with the help of Nike.

“Hope”, an Air Max co-creation for Nike by Kadeem, was released on August 19. His design is stylish yet playful – using colors to represent peace, joy, creativity and our connectivity.

It’s not every day that we hear aspirational stories from young Black male entrepreneurs being awarded the opportunity to make an impression on corporations like Nike. His willingness to proclaim Hope in a world that fears it is what caught the attention of the brand. And with gratitude, Hudson accepted the task of joining Nike’s creative team to bring a fresh new perspective.

When asked about his “Hope” for the future, Kadeem responded, “My hope for the future is love. Loving each other no matter race, religion, sexuality. Food and water globally being placed in areas of famine so no one goes to sleep without water or food at night. Last but not least, shelter. All these things are possible with the right resources and influence. I know the job won’t be easy but this is for sure why I have to believe in hope for the future.”

No stranger to the fashion and the modeling world himself, Kadeem advised on the perfect way for a modern-day professional to add the Air Max “HOPE” to their daily style and wardrobe. His suggestion was simple, which was to focus on being comfortable. “I LOVE SNEAKERS AND SUITS. It’s the best way to say I’m here to sign contracts but I also love my feet enough to wear comfortable sneakers all in the name of self-care. If your not as daring, sneakers can also be your go-to between meetings and weekends with family and friends. COMFORT IS THE GOAL.”

Kadeem Hudson

The sneaker will be exclusively available in the U.S. and only to those who have the link for the first week. Following the week of exclusivity, on August 27, the shoe will be available for purchase across the globe.

Check out the exclusive lookbook for the Nike by Kadeem Air Max 270. The sneakers are available to purchase via this link before being available globally. #NYCbyYou

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