Road Trip Worthy Roads In Africa

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Road trips are a fun way of winding up from the bustles of the city center to a calm and relaxing moment on a long trip on your car. Several road stretches in the world receive much praise for being road-trip worthy.

Africa has for a long time not been featured in discussions on road trips. However, the last few decades have witnessed the construction of several roads as part of development in Africa. As such there are several roads in the continent you may want to hit with a couple of friends as you explore the rural interior.

Below are some road trip worthy stretches in Africa you should check out.

The Atlas Mountain Road

At the backdrop of the Atlas ranges in North Africa, there is the winding road passing through the desert and snaking its way up to the mountains repeating this move more times. This is the atlas mountain road in Morocco. This stretch is considered to be among the most dangerous in the world but fun especially if you want a dose of adrenaline while on your trip. On vicinity are the graceful Atlas Mountain and several Berber settlements.

This is a good place to start your African road trip fantasies with a bunch of friends.

Nairobi-Mombasa Highway

This highway in Kenya forms part of two major road systems in Africa, The Great North Road, and the Trans-African highway. The highway is almost 500 kilometers long, very perfect for a Wilderness Road trip. The road is smooth and well-constructed hence you are sure of minimum damage to your vehicle.

The scenery is also amazing as you pass through the famed Tsavo game park, the largest national park in Kenya. You may spot some wild animals on your trip such as a herd of elephants, a lone giraffe or even a flock of zebras. The amazing view of the Kilimanjaro peak from afar is also very satisfying.

The B1 Highway In Namibia

You can also hit the b1 highway in Namibia to have a taste of Namibia’s rural landscape which is heavily punctuated by the Namib Desert. The highway stretches from south at the South African border to north at the Angolan border passing through cities such as Windhoek, Tsumeb, Otavi, Oshikango, and many others. The smooth and well-maintained road makes up for a worthy tour into the heart of Namibia.

The Ethiopian Highway 2

The Ethiopian highway 2 is another road trip worthy stretch in Africa extending up to 665 miles from Addis Ababa, the capital to Mekelle in the north. The road passes through several towns including Humera, Sheraro, and Bizet among several that act as stopovers while on your trip. You also get to experience Ethiopian’s mountainous terrain courtesy of the three high mountain passes on the highway.

Africa has its fair share of highways and road stretches perfect for your road trip fantasies. You can hit the various highways on your car and get to explore the several offering that rural Africa has. You can look up for planning purposes and suitable destinations if you decide to explore Africa on a road trip.

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