Industry Veteran Cory Taylor Shares Stroke Survival Story

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Yesterday the world celebrated National Stroke Day and industry veteran Cory Taylor has shared his story with us about his experience. Cory, a stroke survivor has recently become an ambassador for the American Heart and Stroke association. We spoke with Cory while he shared some insight into his journey.

Cory, experiencing a stroke at a young age, how did it affect you mentally and physically? 

This mild stroke I had affected me physically and mentally because I was very limited on what I could do physically. I use work out 2-3 times a week. Very active. That alone affected me mentally.

Professionally, did you have to change your workload?

As an entertainment manager I did have to slow things down a bit. I’m just about back to normal with my day to day business.

How supportive have your industry peers and clients been?

My industry peers and clients were very supportive especially; Faith Evans, SWV, 702, Doug E. Fresh, BBD, Carl Thomas, R.L. & many more!

When did you realize there was power in sharing your story?

I always realized there was power in sharing this story, but I had to get past the shame and embarrassment and just do it!

What did you have to change mentally, physically and emotionally?

The only thing I really had to change was my faith! I had to up my faith in God.

Did you have to change your diet? What does your diet consist of?

I definitely had to change my diet. I now eat more fish, baked chicken, oatmeal, fruit, vegetables, and nuts.

What is a common misconception about strokes that you did not know first hand?  

I felt having a stroke was equated with being a senior and up in age. I had a perceived notion about who is more likely to have a stroke.

Please tell us about discovering you were experiencing a stroke? What are the steps to identifying a stroke?

When I had a stroke my right side became numb and then as time was passing it became extremely weak. Everyone’s symptoms are different. I didn’t have a dropping face, my sight didn’t get blurry and my speech didn’t become noticeably slurry. I also didn’t have a headache. Those are some of the common symptoms.

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