Tips for Men on How to Enhance Sexual Performance

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Today’s men not only want to improve their sexual performance for their own mental and emotional wellbeing but to provide their partners with a more fulfilling experience too.

If you aren’t feeling as confident as you once did in the bedroom, know that this is completely normal and that there are ways that you can regain your confidence once again. This is what you need to know.

8 Ways Men Can Enhance their Sexual Performance

Here are a few helpful tips that can help you have a more positive experience in the bedroom.

1. Foreplay makes a big difference

Yes, penetration is pleasurable but so are the moments leading up to intercourse. Foreplay should always be a part of the experience, especially if you want to provide your partner with as much pleasure as possible. You don’t need an erection to please your partner, so use this to your advantage. 

2. Practice stress management

Stress can really do a number on your life in general and your bedroom time is not excluded. Intercourse can be relaxing and enjoyable but not if you’re overly stressed and struggling with anxiety. We live in a fast-paced world that demands a lot of men, which is why it’s essential to practice stress management if you want to perform at your best in the bedroom. There are a number of ways to do this too, including meditation, yoga, exercise and speaking to a therapist.

3. Last longer using the start-stop technique

If you want to last longer during intercourse, the start-stop technique might be something you want to try. If you feel like you’re close to ejaculation, breathe deeply and start again very slowly. You can repeat this process for as long as you need to. 

4. Speak to a professional

Sometimes, you may need to speak to a professional if you want to enhance your sexual performance. Some men might find that they require medication to help them deal with erectile dysfunction, while others need something to help them deal with anxiety. You may also want to find out whether any of your current supplements and medication is causing the issue. According to phalloplasty surgeon Dr Peter Laniewski, concerns about penis size also warrants a discussion with a professional. There is no need for penis size to be an issue when there are so many effective treatment options available.

5. Get rid of the cigarettes

This is not a tip that many men want to hear but it’s true that nicotine-based products can affect your sexual performance and lead to erectile dysfunction. This is because nicotine affects your blood vessels, reducing the amount of oxygenated blood that reaches your penis.

6. Communicate with your partner

If you’re experiencing problems in the bedroom, you might want to consider what’s going on outside the bedroom. When last did you really communicate with your partner? Opening up and sharing what’s on your mind can help your relationship as well as your sex life.

7. Get your heart rate up regularly

Creating a new exercise routine or finding a sport you love is one of the best ways to enhance sexual performance. Not only will the increase in fitness help you perform better in the bedroom but you will also feel more confident about how you look.

8. Speak to a therapist

Whether it’s an untreated mental health condition, anxiety or basic relationship issues, if your mind is not strong and healthy, it will more than likely affect your sex life eventually. Speaking to a therapist can make a big difference in your life as well as your relationships and everyone can benefit from speaking to a professional every now and then.

Enhancing your sexual performance doesn’t have to be complicated and many of these tips can easily be implemented in your life right away, you just need to be willing to take the first step. 

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