[Giveaway] Dune Jewelry Customized Cufflinks

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The Quintessential Gentleman has partnered with Dune Jewelry to bring you the custom hexagon cufflinks giveaway. Dune Jewelry captures your most cherished travel memories and experiences by creating fine Experiential Jewelry® and accessories with sand and natural elements from around the world.  

  • Dune Jewelry catalogs over 4,000 sands and natural elements in their Sandbank™ spanning all seven continents and you have the option to send your own natural element for a truly one-of-a-kind experiential design. 
  • Their Sandbank consists of beaches, ballparks, golf courses, hiking trails, dried flowers, power stones and more.  It keeps growing almost daily, thanks to customers sending in their own sand and natural elements.  All of Dune Jewelry’s patented designs are exclusive and Handmade with Love & Sandy Hands in the USA®, in their Boston, Massachusetts studio.

How does it work? 
Think sand from your favorite vacation, childhood beach house or honeymoon; or maybe you saved some flowers from your wedding bouquet, or collected leaves from a hike or grass from your favorite golf course.  Dune will hand fill these elements into jewelry that will capture that special moment forever.

Dune’s entire collection of Experiential Jewelry is handmade and infused with sand or natural elements to represent a specific time and place that is totally unique to the wearer.   

Dune Jewelry creates tangible reminders of life’s greatest moments.  Everyone has a travel adventure or beach memory that they want to capture.  Dune Jewelry’s unique custom and personalized collection is the perfect way to hold on to those special moments allowing you to “live for the moment, then take it with you.”

All Dune Jewelry designs come with a lifetime warranty and each year a portion of every purchase is donated to various coastal preservation organizations.

Enter to win today and don’t forget to visit Sandbank™ to choose the element that means the most to you.

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