[Giveaway] Savino Connoisseur Wine Saving Carafe

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Unlike other wine preservation solutions on the market, Savino does not try to control the environment of an opened bottle of wine. Instead, it creates a new, beautiful environment designed to preserve and serve wine. Savino started with a simple premise – great products begin with a great experience. Savino centers its experience on a product that is effective, elegant and easy-to-use.

How does it work?

Step 1: Open a great bottle of wine and enjoy a glass.

Step 2: Pour the remaining wine into Savino, insert the float to create a physical barrier between the wine and the oxygen and place the top on the carafe to prevent any accidental spills.

Step 3: Open a great bottle of wine on Tuesday, and know that the following week you can enjoy the same bottle of wine. 

Step 4: Remove the top and pour yourself another great tasting glass of wine as you watch the float automatically adjust as you seamlessly move from storing to pouring your wine.

Learn more at www,savinowine.com/

Wine lovers, enter to win your very own Savino Connoisseur Wine Saving Carafe designed to maintain fresh wine for up to a week.

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