Tristan Walker, CEO of Bevel, Shares the Importance of Creating Grooming Products for Black Men

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The multi-billion dollar beauty industry has neglected the needs of Black and Brown men for a very long time. For many years, I’ve had to go to the ethnic section of the store and our aisle, which is normally composed of a few shelves that have minimum products to help with my grooming needs. Finally, in 2013, Bevel was created and changed the grooming industry for men of color forever. A Walker & Company, Bevel makes products for distinctive skin tones as well as products for curly and coarse hair. Gaining a lot of popularity for their electric trimmers and celebrity stamps of approval from the likes of Nas and Shaq, Bevel is well on its way to being a household name, especially with the recent introduction of their latest products that provide head-to-toe care for Black men.

Tristan Walker, the CEO of Walker & Company, is the Black man behind this innovative enterprise and we recently had the opportunity to speak with him in Atlanta. He started the brand because “he thought we [Black men] deserved better, especially when it came down to our grooming products and hair care products.” From not knowing how to shave the right way, he thought that it was a “rite of passage” that we all deserved to learn and we needed a brand to teach us how to do that.” Although Tristan is not a chemist, he did the work to find someone who could make the products for free. After about six samples of all of their products, he found the products that worked.

Learn more about Tristan Walker and the Walker & Company brand in our exclusive interview below.

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Location: Artbox ATL
Sound: Aigne Morris
DP: Zuberi Morrison
Director: Dash McIntosh

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