5 Travel Tips For Jet Set Businessmen

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When you first get a job that involves lots of air travel, you can’t believe your luck.

Jetting off to different domestic and international locations on business sure beats being stuck in the office eating a stale sandwich and staring out of a rain-streaked window.

But after a while, the novelty wears off – different time zones and a packed schedule often make it feel like you’re meeting yourself coming backwards, while a lack of sleep or a balanced diet might even mean that your health suffers.

But it doesn’t have to be like that – by mitigating against the drawbacks of travel and accentuating the positives, you can extend your corporate travel honeymoon period beyond the first few months and make your journeys as enjoyable as possible.

With that in mind, here are five tips for jet set businessmen.

Travel grooming

Doing business across borders doesn’t mean you need to let your grooming regime slip – just that you’ll have to adapt to ensure you stay sharp and suave.

With a travel set from L’Occitane, you’ll feel as fresh as the Mistral on the Cote d’Azur – the handy pack includes shower gel, soap, hand cream and shave balm.

Lightweight luggage

Luggage that’s light yet tough is the Holy Grail for business travelers – no one wants to pull a muscle lugging a heavy case behind them that’s prone to bursting open and spilling all its contents on the airport concourse.

There are plenty of luggage options to choose from, but the Omni PC 3 piece spinner set from Samsonite is a pretty good pick – see shop.samsonite.com for the lowdown.

Inspirational reading

Love thought leadership but don’t have the time (or weight allowance) for the latest weighty tome by the likes of Tim Ferris?

Then the Blinkist app has got your name all over it – it condenses the core concepts of the world’s best nonfiction books into digestible audio or text takeaways, thus saving you time and ensuring you’re up to date with cutting-edge entrepreneurial theories.

Travel couture

Want to perfect that effortlessly elegant smart-casual look sported by switched-on businesspeople?

It’s tough looking past the travel collection by Hugo Boss – with easy maintenance, lightweight suits, shirts, gilets and overcoats, this is the type of wardrobe that travels well and always looks wonderful. Take a peek yourself at hugoboss.com.

Easy parking

When you’re groomed and looking great, the last thing you need in that pre-flight period is arriving looking like you’ve been dragged through a bush backwards because you’ve braved the trip to the airport on public transport.

Take your own ride instead and book airport parking on Looking4.com – you’ll find great deals for SFO, JFK, LAX and beyond.

These five travel tips for jet set businessmen will ensure that every corporate trip you take proceeds smoothly and calmly – meaning you’re always at your best for making connections and closing deals.

That’s our list! Share your own air travel tips for businessmen in the comments section.

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